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This is not a game it is a life!

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The story behind the site


When i was little boy i was watching how the bigger boys were playing this special game . Everyday i was training to become a footballer but that never happened and i was really sad . One day  while i was watching one of my favorite players Berbatov  i decided to create such kind of fan website so i can reach a lot of fans like me all arund the world. 

My idol


My idol is Dimitar Berbatov. He was a genius on the field . His first touch was incredible for the Premier league. A lot of critics were saying that he is lazy player but he was just reading the game different than most of the other players.

Our Goals


Our goals are the fans from all around the world and also from Bulgaria to have place where to get some news about the premier league and also a place from where they can get some fan products

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